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    Real estate sales over the previous year of a relatively large improvement , especially in residential sales growth of 30.4% over the previous year , the domestic wood processing products market in general good, is conducive to wood furniture and other wood processing products sales , and thus boost the province wood processing product yield improvement. First half of 2013 , the situation in Guangdong wood processing industry in general considered good, but many difficulties , the market competition is quite fierce. deck made from recycled material

    First half of the significant growth in production of wood flooring

    However, exports of wood and products is poor , since April , the slow development of the world economy , most countries weak market for wood furniture and MDF and other export situation is relatively large impact , there are statistics show that the first half of this year, exports of wooden furniture has turned negative growth , which is MDF and particleboard also have a great impact on the market , coupled with MDF , particleboard production increases, market competition, some enterprises and even collapse . But it is worth noting that in recent years has been a significant decline in parquet, growth in exports and commodity driven , production during the first half of this year than last year has significantly increased.

    China wood flooring industry, speeding the development, from large to strong, on the other hand also benefited from the various crises in the domestic market, the storm of temper. From 2004 tsunami timber market volatility and subsequently brought 2005 wood flooring prices, consumption fell, the market more competitive and other factors, in particular the 2006 collection of solid wood flooring in the domestic market of 5% consumption tax policy introduced , but these solid wood flooring companies pushed to the cusp. Therefore, the Chinese real wood floor should be re-planning vision, strategic thinking and a positive adjustment to build a strong brand, and promote sustained and healthy development of solid wood flooring. how to make a composite gate

    2001-2008 , domestic traditional solid wood flooring and solid wood with three layers represented by the new solid wood flooring has shown a shift in the trend. The past two years more than 30% new wood to keep the high growth rates . In the 2009-2010 economic pattern, caused by a new solid wood flooring solid wood category upgrade , continue to promote home improvement or will become a key driver of consumer boom floor . The global financial crisis on China’s wood flooring industry has an impact but not for disaster , but the current lack of confidence in the market . Orbits of the market economy is always in peaks and troughs in the cycle forward, flooring industry downturn will persist, the country has a strong domestic market , Chinese furniture, building materials market demand is still very great .

    Healthy flooring is produced in accordance with national quality standards and installation safety standards ( double standard ) production floor , does not produce harmful substances , to ensure indoor air safety and health.

    European parquet market in the second half of 2012, a slight downward trend in 2013 continues. The first quarter , 12 European countries have wood flooring sales declined in seven countries , four countries the growth rate is almost zero , only Norway achieved modest growth . In China, three parquet downturn in the international market as a whole case of the export market is still relatively good. Jilin Province, more than 90% products are exported , the domestic wood flooring in the United States and Europe into a fashionable product.

    Jilin parquet exports more than 90%

    Overall downturn in the international market by the floor of the impact of China’s flooring industry has repeatedly blocked the export , but the environment is not very good in the case of three-layer parquet domestic export market is still relatively good. At present, the domestic production base three parquet primary scattered in Jilin, Heilongjiang , Hebei, Guangdong, Jiangsu and other places. Because the air is relatively dry northern , non-hygroscopic , easy to control production, so in the northern three-layer parquet production company advantages are significant. In the meantime, Jilin Province, has more than 10 three-layer parquet production line , the output value accounting for 1/ 3 or more, accounted for over 50% sold , more than 90% products are exported , about 10% of domestic sales. wood supplier in malaysia

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