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    We all know that moving jaw crusher is one of important parts, but also the structure is more complex parts. Jaw crusher in use, tend to become concentrated to withstand the crushing force of the site, good for moving jaw plate determines the efficiency of the jaw crusher Shanghai SBM excellence.
    Shanghai SBM jaw crusher produced by the locus of points on the mobile jaw is movable jaw hanging around the point of rotation of the arc, the arc length along the feed port to the discharge port is gradually increasing. In the horizontal direction and vertical direction of the displacement amount of the track s and h, then s is called the movable jaw horizontal travel, h is called jaw vertical stroke, the ratio is called the stroke of the movable jaw characteristic values, i.e. m = h / s Activity jaw and characteristics of each point on the trip value determines the jaw crusher perform. Jaw crusher kinematics is to evaluate the quality of the best yardstick. If the motion characteristics of the crusher poor performance of the aircraft is certainly poor, do not even use. The vertical stroke makes moving jaw jaw generated between moving and stationary vertical relative motion to rub the material for grinding molino de rodillos de presion although the material can grind but also prone to powder, which has a particle size requirements when the situation is clearly unfavorable . Jaw crusher broken song moving extrusion type from the rack, eccentric shaft, big pulley, flywheel, movable jaw, side guard equipos anodizado peru elbow board, elbow board seat, adjusting screw gap, the reset spring, fixed jaw Activities jaw plate and other components, motor-driven belt and pulley, through the eccentric shaft to move the jaw up and down movement, when the movable jaw rises between toggle plate and moving jaw angle becomes larger, thus promoting the movable jaw plate close to the fixed jaw plate, At the same time the material is squeezed, rubbing, grinding, such as multiple broken, which also play a role as insurance bracket.
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    strict compliance with environmental standards

    fly ash from coal combustion flue gas be collected down to fine ash, pulverized coal ash is a major coal-fired plants discharge solid waste. Fly ash is the larger of the current displacement of industrial waste, with the development of power industry, coal-fired power plant fly ash emissions increased year by year. A lot of fly ash not addressed, it will generate dust, pollution of the atmosphere, at present , China’s treatment of fly ash from the past purely environmental governance perspective into comprehensive management, resource utilization, the actual production of proof powder ash can cement raw materials, cement admixture, a large water conservancy project, pumping concrete , concrete products, advanced fillers and other areas play an important role. Therefore, in order to reduce environmental pollution, resource conservation, fly ash can be further processed for machining to suit various needs, Shanghai SBM mining machinery selection using the most advanced international crushing technology and manufacturing level, to create a new professional milling machines , grinding the coal ash pollution to a minimum.

    due mill product fineness changes, we use small diameter smaller taper efficient modular multi-tube cyclone dust collector and supporting anti-hair bag filter to replace the large diameter taper size of the cyclone dust collector, greatly improving the high-mesh powder .800 purpose of collecting capacity dust collection efficiency can reach 95%. Since a large ultra-fine powder cohesion and loose small proportion, the volume occupied by a large (most of the same weight ratio of 325 mesh 800 mesh products to a large volume of the products nearly doubled), but also easy adhesion to the wall and silo walls, easy to fall, so the pipe should be as smooth and silo wall, preferably lined with galvanized steel or stainless steel. silo unloader taper to be as small as possible, preferably gallon wall vibrators As the wind increases throughout the supply system large, in the cyclone collector below the discharge opening at the finished products warehouse, a large negative pressure, impeding the smooth discharge, especially for the high number of days of product discharge is more difficult, so the design must be given material sealed height (usually in 3m above). and should have good air lock discharge valve. arch into the fan and bag filter methods are two kinds. One is in the fan with the Raymond mill back to the gas tank at the outlet connection leads, the advantage of positive leads, so the power of a small fan, air volume and pressure are low, resulting in negative effects and to prevent leakage of powder obvious disadvantage is that the collected dust is not clean, back to the gas tank, there are some large particles easily stick into its interior, pollution collections Another cyclone dust collector at the blower inlet and outlet pipes at the leads. advantages of powder body clean. than the cyclone dust collector collect finer powder can be collected separately a higher number of days of product (yield most small), the disadvantage is the required fan pressure higher than the blower, power, costs of electricity, and the effect of negative pressure is not a good idea as before. runs, adjust throttle cited negative machine, so do not do too much negative pressure, over balance (between smoking and non-smoking) can be.

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