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    Stone production line is mainly composed of vibrating feeder, jaw crusher, impact crusher, cone crusher, sand making machine, vibrating screen, belt conveyor and so on. According to different technical requirements, various types of equipment are combined to meet customers’ different technological requirements.

    Water conservancy and hydropower industry has been developing rapidly and is putting forward higher request for the corresponding auxiliary equipment (especially sand and aggregate production equipment). The enterprise should have more innovation and breakthroughs on the process design and equipment selection. Sand and aggregate processing must use the high quality sand washing machine and sand making machine. Selection is decided according to the characteristics of the sand making raw materials.

    Stone enters coarse crushing machine for primary crushing, and the produced coarse materials conveyed by belt conveyor into fine crushing machine for further crushing. Stones after fine crushing enter into the vibrating screen to separate two kinds of stones. Those meeting feed particle size of the sand making machine will enter the sand making machine to make sand. The other part will return into fine crusher. Some of those into sand making machine will be made into sand and made into finished sand after cleaning by sand washing machine. The other part will return into sand making machine for further crushing.

    The most important thing is to equipment selection of the sand and aggregate production equipment. The aggregate crushing is divided into one-stage crushing and two-stage crushing and one-stage crushing is the most basic and important. Water conservancy projects belong to large projects and are very strict for production capacity and various aspects condition of equipment. So we must impose strict control to ensure quality of projects.

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    The recycled aggregate made of construction waste is sold at the price of 30 to 60 yuan to the surrounding brick factories to produce baking-free bricks. The baking-free bricks made of construction waste have low price, good quality, high compressive strength, economy and environment-friendly, is widely used in housing construction area. The factory has made considerable profits through construction waste recycling and sand and aggregate making. Welcome more business to cooperate with Hongxing Machinery.

    In recent years, the pace of urban construction is gradually accelerated, but the amount of construction waste is bound to arise and caused a lot of negative effects to people”s life and ecological environment. In developed countries, people give very high evaluation for construction waste because that most of construction waste can be made into all kinds of available recycled products after processing so as to realize the reuse. Now in China, the mobile construction waste crushing plant, fixed construction waste disposal equipment, and the mobile crushing and screening plant configured with mobile jaw crushing plant, mobile impact crushing plant and mobile screening plant developed by Zhengzhou Hongxing Machinery Co., Ltd. can realize the reuse of construction waste.

    In Puyang, Henan, a huge amount of construction waste has been produced and caused inconvenience to people’s life. Some time ago, a construction waste processing factory in Puyang introduced a mobile construction waste crushing plant from Zhengzhou Hongxing Machinery Co., Ltd. Though the running time is short, but it has caused apparent changes. With Hongxing Machinery mobile crushing plant, it not only solves the construction waste problems, but provides recycled aggregates for the urban economic construction.

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    With the development of the world economy, many countries begin to pay attention to the recycling of natural resources. And with the rapid development of infrastructure project, in order to replenish the need of sand market, manufactured sand has become the first choice for engineering construction. So the demand of various sand making equipment raises continuously, Zhengzhou Hongxing -as the leading manufacturer of professional stone/sand production line, increases the technology content constantly in processing to create leading brand in crushing and screening industry. At present, the 150t/h basalt crushing production line created for Sri Lanka customers proves its high performance and professional brand.

    This line includes vibrating feeder, jaw crusher, impact crusher, vibrating feeder, vertical shaft impact crusher, and so on. Together with belt conveyors, it makes up a complete unit of aggregate processing line. In the highway asphalt concrete road surface, both SMA and Super pave technology assign high requirement of the shape and rank of aggregate. Especially to the content of needle plate type in the basalt, the former impact crusher processing chart cannot meet the requirement any longer. Therefore, our company put up the newest crushing and screening processing chart-VI series Vertical Shaft Impact Crusher to meet the need.

    The 150t/h basalt production line applied in Sri Lanka is mainly consisted of vibrating feeder, jaw crusher, impact crusher, vibrating screen, conveyor belt and centralized control equipment etc. This stone production line has the features of small floor space, high investment economy benefit, high quality crushing materials, low powder productivity etc. The operation procedure is reasonable: first, raw material is crushed by jaw crusher, it is called coarse crushing, and then the coarse aggregate is conveyed to the impact crusher by conveyor belt to be crushed again. The crushed material is screened into three kind size of sand, stone and bigger stones, and then back to the impact crusher be crushed again. In order to make sure the discharging is unobstructed; Hongxing Machinery equipped advanced electric control operating system for Sri Lanka customers.

    The 150t/h basalt production line wins good reputation from Sri Lanka customers depend on its good quality, reliable operation and advanced technology. The products manufactured by Hongxing Machinery have become the mainstream brand products and the most trusted brand products.

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    With stable performance, high efficiency, energy saving and large output, Hongxing Machinery sand production line in Saudi Arabia was well received by the customers recently. The artificial sand produced has diamond shape, reasonable grading, and the particle size meets the needs of engineering high quality sandstone products. It is more popular than any other sand and aggregate manufacturers and the price are also reasonable, enjoying high reputation in the local.

    Application is the key to successful VSI installation and operation. Rock and mineral deposits vary widely from site to site, country to country and around the world. Crushing plants, circuit variations and product requirements are infinite. For this reason, any crusher, if it is to succeed and perform reliably and economically, must be designed so that it may be adapted to the specific needs of your job. With many crushing machines, marginal versatility of the crusher is a common reason for failure and user displeasure after the machine is in service.

    Zhengzhou Hongxing Mining Machinery Co., Ltd. is the top brand of sand and stone machinery and cement machinery in China. Hongxing Machinery has the abundant technical force of scientific research, high modern management level and the strong comprehensive strength. Its sand machinery products, such as large and medium-sized pebbles sand production line, lime stone production line and other products are most competitive in the crushing and screening equipment industry. As a big brand and big manufacturer, Hongxing Machinery will eliminate your worries in product quality and the pre and after service.

    Hongxing Machinery VSI Crusher (sand making machine) has successfully sold to the major sand factories both at home and abroad. With the reasonable product price, standard production and quality assurance, Hongxing Machinery VSI Crusher can help you recycle costs in the shortest time. Good reputation and word of mouth makes the market share of Hongxing Machinery VSI Crusher (sand making machine) continues to improve and become the first choice of sand making equipment.

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    Jaw crushers are used for reducing various kinds of stones and lump materials into medium-grained gravel. Quartz sand is a kind of nonmental material whose main element is SiO2. Quartz sand is hard, wear-resisting and is widely used in glass, smelting, metallurgy, electric flux, metallurgy, construction, chemical, plastic, rubber, abrasive, industry and so on. Nowadays the special features quartz sand makes it more and more important in the high-tech products.

    Jaw crusher is popular equipment in quartz sand making plant. Jaw crusher is usually used in the primary crushing in quartz sand making. Jaw crushers are easy-operate and reliable-operate and are widely used in the mining industry. The typical production process of quartz sand production line roughly is: hopper, vibrating feeder, jaw crusher (primary crusher equipment), PYT series cone crusher (secondary crusher equipment), VSI crusher (tertiary crusher), vibrating screen, belt conveyor, and finished stone. According to different requirements of different customers, Hongxing Machinery can provide various types of mining equipment.

    The technological process in the quartz crushing plant line is that: busted quartz —–transported by the dump truck—-vibrating feeder—–jaw crusher (primary crusher) —–spring cone crusher (secondary crusher) —-VSI impact crusher ( tertiary crusher)—–circular vibrating screen—-finished products as the customer requirement.

    Rqw quartzes first enter jaw crusher to be crushed to smaller size. The material to be crushed can be hard, medium-hard and soft minerals whose compressive strength should be not more than 320MPa. Currently, these products become the preferred primary crushing equipment in the production of stone. They are widely used in many industries.

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    At present, power plants in Japan have installed FGD plant, there are 90% units in Germany have installed it, and USA, Finland and other countries are trying the best to develop the desulfurization technology. Improved grinding machine adopts six grinder rolls to achieve large volume production to meet demands of all big size thermal power plants. Our desulfurization industry develops very fast: desulfurizing installation with 40 million kw set up in the end of year 2005, 70 million kw in the end of 2006, and till 250-300 million kw in the Eleventh Five-Year Plan period.

    According to the difference of working surface and the working conditions, the maintenance can be divided into fluid moveable pressure, boundary and half liquid film lubrication. The lubricating methods are single and central two types. Usually, the viscosity index, viscosity and temperature coefficient than stick are used for measuring the advantages and disadvantages of the grease. According to its viscosity, it can be divided into heavy, medium and light quality.

    Raymond mill also be called high pressure suspension grinding mill, is a kind of roller mill, is suitable for processing various non-flammable and non-explosive mineral materials with Moh’s hardness less than 9.3 and humidity less than 6%, it is widely used in the fields of metallurgy, construction, chemical industry, mining, highway construction etc,. The granularity of the finished powder size can be adjusted between 50 and 325 mesh (315-45 micron). Examples of processing materials include quartz, feldspar, barite, calcite carbonate, limestone, talc, ceramic, iron ore, carborundum, bauxite, rock phosphate, coal and other materials, total about 400 kinds of materials.

    Hongxing heavy industry designed the new type grinding mill machines are our experts on the basis of years of research on industrial mill customers for Egypt, to learn advanced fineness grading technology in Germany and Japan, according to the principles of fluid mechanics, devoted themselves to developing available with vertical mill comparable to efficient micro powder mill, which is widely applied in gypsum mineral quarry in Egypt, of course, there are the primary crusher machines and the auxiliary machines for the quarry plants.

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    The crushing process of the crushing machine is realized driven by the motor, for this reason, long time of rotation will cause the increase of the temperature the crusher bearing. When the machine is working in a normal state, the increased temperature of the bearing will be timely dispersed and not influence the normal production. However, if the equipment breaks down, the temperature of the bearing will exceed the rated value and influence the normal production.
    Crusher is in shock load of work, bearing on the Babbitt metal liner, and the work period about 2 years or so, within the time limit, the need to casting. If the eccentric shaft and bush, heart shaft and bush fray, its top clearance is greater than 1.5 times of the original assembly clearance, need to add cushion adjust or change; Oil groove wear 1.5 mm, should be reopen oil groove or adjust. Connecting rod head cover and eccentric shaft between the clearance, wear to greater than 1.5 times of assembly clearance, also need to add cushion adjust or change the new.
    At this time, the workers should stop the stone crusher machine and examine it. The reasons that cause the temperature increase and the respective solutions to the problems are as follows:
    (1) Keeping regular lubrication will reduce the friction of the bearing and then reduce the heat produced by the friction. If the bearing is not lubricated for a long period of time, the bearing will lack oil and the frictional resistance on the bearing will increase, thus the temperature will increase. For this reason, it is necessary to pay attention to the lubrication of the crusher bearing in daily maintenance and choose the proper lubricating grease.
    (2) What should be paid attention is that too much oil will also lead to the increase of the bearing temperature. For this reason, in the maintenance process, the workers should conduct the lubrication according to the instruction book provided by the crusher manufacturing companies, there is any question that the customers do not understand, they should consult the after-sales service, and they should never just ignore the questions.
    (3) When the bearing of the mining crusher is seriously damaged or there is some other problems, the temperature of the crusher bearing will also increase. At this time, the workers should change the bearing as soon as possible.
    (4) If the bearing cover is too tightly presses, the friction force will be increased which will cause the temperature to quickly increase. For this reason, when installing and fastening the bearing, the customers should adjust the tightness of the connection bolt, and eliminate the temperature abnormity during the working process of the crushing equipment.
    Our company has been adhering to the concept of “people-oriented, customer supremacy, development and innovation”. We are able to provide our customers not only the highest quality products at the most favorable price, but also the most reasonable suggestion of equipments, optimum process configuration, and a full range of technical support. In pursuit of bringing customers the most benefits with minimal investment, we have been trying our best to help customers in any case!coal grinding mill:http://www.jaw-breakers.com/T54.html


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    As we all know, especially gold dressing has been very popular these years, which brings the vitality of the ore dressing equipment manufacturing. And, the sales volume of Hongxing gold dressing equipments is increasing all the time and will keep on. Hongxing not only provide you with qualified products, but also offer you the best service, wherever you are.

    There are two principal solutions for pyrite ore beneficiation: gravity separation and flotation separation. Gravity separation is usually employed for processing coarse and medium particle disseminated pyrite ore with excellent separation performances. Floatation system is principally for great disseminated pyrite ore. The selection of pyrite ore beneficiation system is in accordance to ore attribute, beneficiation site and so forth.

    The gravity separation equipment this kind of as jigger and shaking table are commonly utilised. Jigger can classify pyrite ore dimensions more compact than 30mm, it demonstrates outstanding functionality in working and recycling coarse significant pyrite ore.

    Hongxing Heavy Machinery service hub, which will be up and running this month, will support the recent expansion and resurgence of mining industry. Initially, it will be a major repair and assembly center for magnetic separators, crushers and screens and will provide for rubber covering capabilities. But the 8,000-square-meter facility’s service offering will be expansive, including a consignment stock inventory, to help serve the mine’s varying needs. Hongxing Heavy Machinery currently has 50 service team members on site.

    Although Hongxing Heavy Machinery is a key influencer in building the new service hub, this location will also enable Hongxing to expand its capabilities and provide local support to the entire mining community in northwest China. The hub will serve number of major copper and gold mines in the northwest region.

    Most pyrite ores consist of sulfur and iron mix with coarser disseminated particle sizing above 1mm. checking out the sulfur and iron factor, and advertising them to sulfuric acid plant, you will get appreciable revenue. A number of atomic number 51 ore flotation technique through the utilization of single concentrator, most atomic number 51 ore concentrator adopt mixture method, much like the hand selecting – flotation approach, hand selecting-re-election- flotation technique.

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    Gypsum production line DCS systerm is presently the most advanced control systerm , and its main advantages are as follows: high reliability , danger spreading , easy to expand , great control ability, flexible configuration, centralizing operating and managing and so on. Now it has been widely applied in the field of petrifaction, electricity, building materials and so on.

    Crushing process: gypsum blocks first crushed by the coarse jaw crusher are uniformly arranged at the discharging partition. Then it carries on the second time crushing – fine crushing and then goes into the bunker.

    During this process, coarse crusher cannot be started with load, and it has alert signal when the machine stops. Dumping place is divided into two discharging places, and the discharging car should freely switch between the two and discharge the material uniformly.

    Pre-grinding process: the gypsum powder from the bunker goes into the column mill for further grinding through the spiral weigh and belt machine. The qualified powder will be transferred to the unripe bin through the turning helix, vertical bucket elevator and the top spiral conveyor. During this process, the spiral weigh will measure according the given value and calculate the cumulative output.

    And in the mining and production process, a lot of mineral resources and tailings, construction wastes could not have reasonable utilization, and lead to environment pollution. A low carbon economy of the implementation is an important strategy of the sustainable development of resources and to prevent pollution to protect the environment in an effective way. Therefore Hongxing Heavy Machinery thinks lower carbon development of mining machinery industry should set up the new concept of development, accelerate the development and utilization of renewable resources and promote the development of low carbon cycle economy.

    As a professional manufacturer of grinding machine, and Hongxing Heavy Machinery has the technology innovation and product reform, committed to the research and development of high environmental protection mill equipment, introduced many environmental protection equipments such as medium speed grinding machine, three-ring powerful mill powder machine It has speeded up the resources effectively recycling, and promoted the development of the industrialization of the resources, and made great contribution to the development of low carbon economy.

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    Sand Washing Machine are mainly used in building site, gravel plant, concrete dam building site of hydropower station, etc., and with features of high degree cleaning-up, reasonable structure, large capacity, low power consumption, small loss of the sands during the washing process, especially for that the drive parts of the Sand Washing Machine are separated from water and sands. So that it has lower failure rate than the usual washing plant for silica sand for sale UK.

    During the radish squat game, the rivalry between Mr.Zhang and Manager Zhang was very funny , which pushed the meeting to the high tide . There was another lightspot, where Manager Jiang did Taichi matched with the song of Zhong Hua You Shen Gong. It expressed the spirits of Hongxing greatly, endeavor and competition. After the meeting, we had the delicious dinner happily together. Finally, Manager Zhang encouraged us with many heart-stirring words. Everybody enjoyed himself last night.

    Mining machinery in China which is the country to establish the basis of independent industrial system has entered the big countries of mining machinery production, consumption and imports. Although some level of design and manufacturing has entered the international advanced level, but overall, China’s mining machinery and equipment, mostly in the low-level, big but not strong. Therefore, the mining machinery industry in China should enhance independent innovation capability, accelerate high-end mining machinery, crusher equipment, processing equipment and spare parts R & D and market development.

    The ’12th Five-Year Plan and the transformation and upgrade plan of the Mining machinery industry will stimulate the enterprise technological transformation and equipment renewal the enthusiasm. As a mining machinery industry, Hongxing has been committed to the research and development of the high quality of the jaw crusher, cone crusher, and mobile crushers ,etc, and constantly try to optimize equipment technology and manufacture high performance crusher equipment.

    Hongxing Series Sand Washing Machine is a kind of wheeled washing equipment, and can clean and separate the dust and powder from the sand. Its new seal-structure and reliable driving device can make sure the cleaning effective and a kind of high efficiency sand washing equipment matched with the Sand Making Machine.

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