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    Through continuous operation and wear in the last period, the performance of the equipment will be lower than beginning. The performance of the sand making equipment depends on three aspects. The first aspect is the replacement of the wearing parts. The second aspect is the routine maintenance of the sand maker. The third aspect lies in the utilization and coverage of the sand maker manufacturer. You should understand the design concept of sand maker.Sand making equipments mainly include impact crusher, jaw crusher,hammer crusher,cone crusher and vibrating feeder,etc.

    The application of Hongxing sand makers is particular wide among various processing equipment. Hongxing is large-scale sand making manufacturer that specializes in the research and producing of the crushing and sand making equipment. Since its establishment, Hongxing has been committed to the research in the sand making technology and the improvement in the sand making equipment. Now, we have produced the HXVSI series of sand maker, which is the third generation new sand maker. Its hammerhead, rotor, impact plate, wear-resist materials, etc have been improved, which improved the working efficiency and output.

    The flywheel moment limits protection, you can install the clutch on top to ensure normal delivery of torque, while torque is not exceeded. The flywheel will slide freely on parts and play a protective role. Hydraulic protection, sand making production line has higher degree of automation, but we should not neglect it in production, Crusher and Grinding Mill Sellers its completion needs a lot of mining machinery configuration, because it’s done, and the jointly running. Therefore it is closely related with the normal running of vertical sand maker in mining machinery, if the equipment fails in production, it will affect the normal operation of the sand making production line.

    From the perspective of usage of the sand washer, it can be divided into two kinds: the first is the sand washing system, which is the sand washing machine from broad sense. It has wide application range; the other is the sand washer that is often used to match with the sand maker. It is limited in the actual use. The former sand washer can not only be used in sand making line, but also is applicable to the cleaning of the river sand and weathered sand and other kinds of sand that contain the clay and stones. It is widely used in sand plant, mixing station and a variety of key projects.

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