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    Solid wood flooring material due to the scarcity of large-scale composite floor had become the new darling of home textiles, there is little ground instead of the trend. waterproof second floor plastic patio

    On the effect of the decoration, the seams small piece of floor clutter and more closely , but the stubborn dirt seams , easy to breed bacteria, so the large size of the soil began to emerge in the market .

    Ordinary floor general specifications 12cm �� 90cm , large format floor specifications reach 14cm �� 180cm, size is 2.3 times the ordinary wooden floor. It is assumed that the soil usually use red sandalwood , rosewood and other common materials , abandoned junk , with a large part of making the whole tree , highlight the atmosphere , along with unlimited extension of the road well-being and sense of space.

    In addition to ultra - portable solid wood flooring, floor piano is the recent increase in market mainstream products . Looks gorgeous , bright, with a super- generous wear layer , the visual impact bright , thorough and foot is feeling better very similar look with solid wood flooring, but the price is much lower than solid wood flooring . wood fence designs cost

    Sense of space due to the large size of the floor will be more intense, more atmospheric , not messy, can well reflect the temperament and the perfect combination of materials . Thus, the large size of the floor repeatedly been applied to major renovation renowned designers Design Competition : Asian winning architect Tadao Ando building in the “light of the church ” is widely used in a large proportion of the big house to the floor of the hall ; European architectural award-winning works Icelandic Embassy in Berlin, the big house floor residence is also used as an architectural highlight.

    Large floor is good and consumers should not blindly buy

    Some consumers in the purchase of the floor, the blind pursuit of large size, large size of the floor , that the large size of the small joints floors up , more beautiful. However, due to the larger size of the floor , its internal and external differential tension and swelling the greater the degree of shrinkage , by contrast , are more likely to deform the floor large size . Therefore , in terms of general household , the optimal size of 0.6- meters.

    Wood flooring on the market today have standard and non-standard plate plate two sizes . Some of those on the market ridiculously low prices ” wood floor” , almost all narrow board or short board , as the market sold only 145 yuan / square meters of ” teak king” floor, 168 yuan / square meter of the ” Burmese red sandalwood ” floor, its length of only 420mm, but neither sign nor indicate origin . outdoor floor tile pricing

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