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    According to the structural characteristics of solid wood flooring and use requirements should be noted that :

    1 , bending strength and elastic modulus: the higher the index the better the quality description and gluing materials , load bearing capacity of the stronger , the higher the resistance to external bending strength . materials used for deck balcony

    2 , moisture content : This is directly related to the installation and product deformation of the main indicators . Parquet require a certain moisture content . For wood flooring , the moisture content of between 5% to 12% is reasonable, but due to local climatic conditions are different, should refer to local standards , such as the Shanghai region , 12% moisture content is more appropriate , and 5% despite the standard, but is not suitable , it will swell phenomenon . Laminate flooring moisture content should be lower .

    3 , dip stripping and bonding strength : these two products bond performance indicators reflect the merits . Impregnated peel values ??as low as possible , the higher the better bonding strength values ??. swimming pool deck

    According to the structural characteristics of laminate flooring and use requirements , in addition to with the same performance parquet understanding , but also need some attention on the following aspects :

    1, the internal bond strength : internal bond strength is high, then the base product to withstand loads better ability to resist shear failure , longer service life ; Conversely , internal bond strength is low , it will cause product stratification.

    2 , the surface bonding strength : this is reflected in the decorative layer and the substrate binding between the firm level . The higher surface bonding strength , the use of longer term ; Conversely, surface bonding strength is low , the product used for a period of time will produce a decorative layer peeling .

    3 , thickness swelling : This is reflected in the product water resistance . Lower the value the better the water resistance , water resistance worse the higher this value . If poor water resistance of laminate flooring in wet environments four surrounding if Mifengbuyan obvious swelling occurs , causing dimensional changes ; dimensional changes occur over the General Assembly floor arched, not only affect the visual effects, but here the frequency by friction high , shorten life.

    4 , density: This is the product of physical indicators . The higher the index , the product of the mechanical properties of the general good . Hardness, impact resistance is better. However, under the same conditions , thickness swelling high dimensional stability to be worse . In addition , density, number of product cost will increase . Wood plastic composite cladding

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