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    in recent days of heavy rain caused a lot of street traffic in Jilin Province has been blocked and Jilin cities without water due to heavy rainfall, vegetable supply difficulties, Jilin again suffered rare natural disasters, our department in Jilin The sales department has been the headquarters for help assistance, then we sent Jilin rescue headquarters departure to the rescue, hoping Jilin compatriots to be strong! Here is the latest status of Jilin:
    days of heavy rain floods because the impact of Jilin Province, Tonghua City, Antu CountyMagnetic Separator and other cities without water, in addition to many fields due to local seasonal vegetables are rainstorm floods have cause these local vegetable supply difficulties. July 31, Tonghua City, heavy rains led to water supply line failure, resulting in the city without water. Currentlystone crusher machine relevant departments are full repair and when to restore the water supply is unclear. Tonghua City, a long stream reservoir water source was destroyed by a flood embankment Elam, flood instantly surrounded by water company office building, economic development zone three workers trapped water companies, Tonghua After two hours the fire brigade rescued trapped. Tonghua City Secretary Wang Runmin utilities that damaged four pipelines at 10:20 on July 31 were destroyed, resulting in Tonghua city without water. Currently pipeline repair work is being carried out in 24 hours, the city’s more than 30 million people face water shortages.
    Shanghai SBM Mining Machinery Co., Ltd. was formerly Shanghai Province SBM (Group) Mining Machinery Co., April 20, 2001 restructuring of Shanghai Province SBM Mining Machinery Manufacturing Co., 2008 Shanghai Province SBM (Group) Mining Machinery Co., State-owned shares to exit joint-stock reformcrusher machine officially changed its name to Shanghai SBM Mining Machinery Co., Ltd..
    Company has improved production technology and scientific quality testing methods, strict management system and efficient staff incentives. Has passed ISO9001 quality system certification, and obtained CE certification, product won the “Shanghai provincial exemption product” title. The main products crusher, ball mill, processing equipment, rotary kiln, dryer, etc. have been awarded “Shanghai Province famous.” Company is “member of China Association of gravel”, “Shanghai Provincial Inspection-free Product”, “Shanghai Provincial Science and Technology Enterprise”, “China Heavy Machinery Association member units”, “Zhengzhou City Credit demonstration unit”, “Zhengzhou City, a member of Credit Construction Association unit “,” Zhengzhou City, well-known products focus unit “.
    I will also have been concerned about the disaster situation in front of Jilin, Jilin ensure that our sales department can safely, operating normally, our company has been the three northeastern provinces of Jilin and other big sales crusher, this time our natural disaster in Jilin will not stand idly by, we have lent a helping hand to the northeast region, in recent years, thanks to their support of our company, hope they can soon spend a disaster!

    the sources of information: http://shenbangjawcrusher.com

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