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    We all know that moving jaw crusher is one of important parts, but also the structure is more complex parts. Jaw crusher in use, tend to become concentrated to withstand the crushing force of the site, good for moving jaw plate determines the efficiency of the jaw crusher Shanghai SBM excellence.
    Shanghai SBM jaw crusher produced by the locus of points on the mobile jaw is movable jaw hanging around the point of rotation of the arc, the arc length along the feed port to the discharge port is gradually increasing. In the horizontal direction and vertical direction of the displacement amount of the track s and h, then s is called the movable jaw horizontal travel, h is called jaw vertical stroke, the ratio is called the stroke of the movable jaw characteristic values, i.e. m = h / s Activity jaw and characteristics of each point on the trip value determines the jaw crusher perform. Jaw crusher kinematics is to evaluate the quality of the best yardstick. If the motion characteristics of the crusher poor performance of the aircraft is certainly poor, do not even use. The vertical stroke makes moving jaw jaw generated between moving and stationary vertical relative motion to rub the material for grinding molino de rodillos de presion although the material can grind but also prone to powder, which has a particle size requirements when the situation is clearly unfavorable . Jaw crusher broken song moving extrusion type from the rack, eccentric shaft, big pulley, flywheel, movable jaw, side guard equipos anodizado peru elbow board, elbow board seat, adjusting screw gap, the reset spring, fixed jaw Activities jaw plate and other components, motor-driven belt and pulley, through the eccentric shaft to move the jaw up and down movement, when the movable jaw rises between toggle plate and moving jaw angle becomes larger, thus promoting the movable jaw plate close to the fixed jaw plate, At the same time the material is squeezed, rubbing, grinding, such as multiple broken, which also play a role as insurance bracket.
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