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    Hammer dish is divided into several parts along the circumference and equipped with N hammers. Adjacent hammer interlaced and the hammer can do full circle swinging in 360 degrees. When the front edge of hammer is worn to the two-thirds of width, the hammer can be turned over to be used again. The worn hammer can do bead weld antifriction alloy and save a large amount of metal material consumption.Ore-dressing equipments mainly include cement mill,ball mill,rotary dryer,flotation machine,etc.

    In the management experience, the advanced cement enterprise should sporadic establish corporation and exchange with foreign renowned cement enterprise, draw on each other’s strength, introduce the latest cement technology and term management experience to the production, which brings fresh blood to modern production. Cement is the irreplaceable raw material of national economy; its irreplaceability determines the permanent of the industry development. Therefore, in the next five or ten years, the reform in the technology and equipment of the cement industry will be the breakthrough for the industry to achieve great leap.

    With the development of mining machinery industry, crushing equipment also began to move closer to the high-tech, automated product, and there has been significant improvement than before on production capacity and degree of automation, so large scale, very large development has become the latest development directions of machinery industry. The development brought good news for enterprise needed to use crushing equipment not only in greatly improvement productivity in the production process, but also the economic benefits to the enterprise.

    The manufacturing line functions with greater production effectiveness, minimal working expense, substantial output and fantastic grain kind. Our business enterprise can exist plenty of sorts of schemes for customer’s choice. These suggestions are optimized mixture of equipments’ capabilities and customers’ have to have.

    It is estimated that the total of grinding various materials in a year is about 1010t, and material crushing technology is widely used in metallurgy, coal, building materials, chemical industry, energy, transportation and national defense construction, ceramics, pharmaceuticals, food processing, agriculture, forestry, and many other industries and sectors.

    Stone crushing manufacturing line is principally to method stones that are employed in development, street, railway. Diverse industries have various desires with all the size, type over the stones and meant plan of stone manufacturing line is needed. The stone aggregate manufacturing line mostly involves feeding machine, crusher, integer machine, vibrating screen, sand washing machine, using the belt conveyor connecting all of the equipments.

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