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    1. Always check the screw bolt on the diesel oil tank, see if there’s any loose, if loose, to repair it, and check the diesel oil tank welding to see if it is firm;

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    2. Diesel concrete mixer need to have test run before using it at first, pay attention to the sound of concrete mixer to look to whether it is normal, and at the same time, confirm churn and agitating vane are intact;

    3. During working, the operator can’t stretch the hands, head or tool into the churn inside;

    4. Clear the concrete mixer in time after the machine stops, the users generally use water to clear, you should check the lid of the box diesel is closed, to clean up after confirmation to avoid water into diesel diesel concrete mixer, and then influencing the diesel concentration;

    5. Diesel box of portable diesel concrete mixer is very important. Users should ensure diesel tank is clean and often pay attention to the scaling and corrosion prevention work;

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