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    Rising fuel prices can have a devastating effect on the construction industry.

    While people are wondering on a daily basis how to cope with rising travel and food costs, the construction industry are similarly wondering how to cope with the impact of rising fuel costs upon their business and income.

    So how do high fuel prices affect the construction industry? And what can contractors do to help counteract those effects?

    Elevated fuel prices are truly the bane of the construction industry. The increased cost of fuel can affect builders in many ways:

    Higher transport costs– A rise in fuel prices means more money paid out on moving materials and workers from place to place. Increased transport costs can have a serious knock-on effect on the contractor’s profit margins.

    Higher cost of materials– A higher fuel prices affects the cost of materials in two ways. First, the cost of getting materials delivered from suppliers will be greater, as the suppliers also struggle with rising fuel costs. Second, materials that are based on substances such as petroleum, like some roofing materials, will cost more.

    Difficulty providing estimates– It can be hard for a contractor to provide a good price estimate for a job when they have to factor in potential rises in fuel costs while the job is in progress. This can make it more difficult to draw up contracts and win clients.

    · Jobs on hold or incomplete– Rising fuel costs can be a spanner in the works of the building process. Contractors or subcontractors may be delayed or even pull out of a contract due to higher costs. This causes friction with clients and can negatively affect the contractor’s reputation.

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