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    Rising fuel costs can have a wide-ranging impact on the construction industry, leading to increased costs, lost work, and narrower profit margins.

    So what steps can the building industry take to help combat increasing fuel costs?

    Plan well - One of the most important things contractors can do in the current climate is to plan carefully. The phrase ‘expect the unexpected’ is useful here; by being aware of the potential for cost rises, the contractor can be better prepared.

    Go green – Contractors may find that the initial investment and training necessary to go green will pay off in reduced costs long term. Strategies include switching to hybrid or bio diesel vehicles, and sourcing alternative and reclaimed building materials.

    Get digital– Businesses can save on travel costs by conducting some of their business online with conference calls and document sharing. This means the builders will only have to use a vehicle for travel and delivery to the construction site itself.

    Allocate carefully– When making deliveries, could several be made on one trip instead of needing separate trips? Could employee’s vehicle-share? Perhaps it would be possible to allocate workers who live closest to the construction site in question.

    Although rising fuel costs pose a serious challenge to the construction industry, contractors can go some way to combating them with a combination of forward planning and willingness to review how and where they work.

    Good planning and increasing efficiency are key to riding out the storm of increasing fuel prices.

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