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    With the continuous development of Chinese urban construction in recent years, there is an increasing demand of construction machinery equipment. The concrete mixer manufacturers also become more and more. Facing up with the thousands of concrete mixer manufacturers, the user will be confused about how to choose the concrete mixer, many users are more concerned about the price of the concrete mixer.

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    At present, the main concrete mixers in the market are forced type concrete mixer, reversing drum concrete mixer and the ladder type concrete mixer, each concrete mixer has different applicable scopes and structure and principle concrete pumps, and the use of technology material also is different, so the price also is different. The same type concrete mixer of different manufacturers has different prices, because each manufacturer uses different material and configuration, and some “refurbished machine” appeared on the market, the price is much cheaper, but such a machine just has a good looking. The price of everything is suitable to its actual values, so when the user is ready to buy concrete mixer, he does not just consider the price, he had better go to the factory to see the equipment, consider the price with a comprehensive view.

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