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    In recent years, Jinzhou used to warm the home improvement industry, a larger proportion of the attendant , laying on the ground temperature is generally difficult to deformation, stable material , solid wood flooring due to more ” delicate ” and difficult to apply to warm the ground on laminate flooring will occupy the mainstream , but also to do with tile floor . temporary outdoor rubber tiles for kids

    Warm increasingly widespread application

    Now is the fitting season , the reporter in an interview that the building materials market , Jinzhou now installed when the new building renovated to warm more, some households have installed a unit to warm , only a few families still using traditional radiators , or replace a new radiator . Certain brand dealers to warm , and now most families are willing to dress warm, the price is not high , saving space for indoor use , not too much for decoration , heating effect, if the metering and charging can also save energy. At the same time warm and longer tube life , as long as the selection of a good quality decoration pipe, installed mistakes, problems in the future the chance is very small. Usually seven eighty square meters of the house, to warm the installation cost will be around 3,000 yuan , if you are installing a new radiator , the cost may be more than warm . And some radiators use a long time , there may be a leak after corrosion , so it caused a secondary waste, so use more and more to warm up .

    Laminate flooring into the mainstream

    According to warm dealers , due to warm temperature is higher, thus laying the ground for the materials used also have strict requirements , which must be easily deformed , stable , and solid wood flooring can not be used , although it has also introduced some solid wood flooring geothermal applicable , but the choice is still to be careful, once the heat distortion temperature cracking and other problems arise , but also very troublesome. To select the cooling effect is good , no deformation of the material , usually tile or laminate flooring can be, the best cooling effect tiles , laminate flooring is also available. wooden decorative fence panels

    Meanwhile, the reporter also visited the flooring market , according to sales personnel , laminate flooring in the application of warm up , the cooling effect is good, but compared and tile , flooring also appears upscale, tasteful , usually walking barefoot on the ground can also be , so use warm family more laminate flooring installation .

    To warm the floor to pay attention to environmental protection

    Flooring dealers briefed reporters , good quality laminate flooring is not only good heat dissipation, decorative, and high strength , wear-resistant , high rpm, as long as not particularly hard , even normal walking shoes on the floor , it will not traces of friction occur . Its pattern than the rich, according to their preferences of different types , with different decor . However, dealers are also a reminder that although durable laminate flooring , but it is best to choose a good quality environmentally friendly products , or will be directly heated floors warm , if environmental standards , the floor in the heat process will emit harmful substances, affect people’s health. So in order to family health , or to choose environmentally friendly products. attractive composite panels suppliers

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